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Borna Almasi
Analytics in the VC space | Former Founder | Marketer | Full-stack Engineer

Modern Analytics

If you have ever worked with relational databases, you have probably come across situations where a JOIN between certain combinations of tables has produced incorrect outputs. …

Metrics & Measurement

Everybody and their dog want to be data-driven. There are many ways data can augment our decision-making and drive incredible results.

We are witnessing an unbelievable transformation in every sector, driven by advances in AI and analytics. Who doesn’t want in on the magic?

Yet, for most of us, building…

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You need reliable information to make decisions about risk and business outcomes. Often this information is so valuable that you may seek to purchase it directly through 3rd-party data providers to augment your internal data.

Yet, how often do you consider the impact of data quality on your decisions? Poor…

The advantage of using data to drive innovation and business results is often discussed, with mounds of evidence backing up its efficacy. However, data by itself has 0 value. It is people that dissect data (digital or analog) to extract the information required to solve tough problems. …

Metrics & Measurement

One of the most precious pieces of information you can have to run your business effectively is to understand the revenue being generated as a direct result of some business activity.

Knowing which efforts are paying off allows you to double down and scale them up, while understanding where time…

Metrics & Measurement

Conversion rates, or the percentage of people taking some desired action in your business, are among the most fundamental metrics you need to be aware of.

Track the conversion rates over a series of steps, and you have yourself a (conversion) funnel.

Looking at each step’s conversion rates can be…

Metrics & Measurement

Too often in business, we ignore measurements with small sample sizes because they are not “statistically significant,” but rarely, if ever, do we actually do the math to support that decision!

The fact is that it is precisely when we are highly uncertain about something that any data will greatly

Data Engineering

When I first started building the Data Vault at Georgian, I couldn’t decide what column data type to use as my tables’ primary key.

I had heard that integer joins vastly outperform string joins, and I was worried about degrading join performance as our data grew.

In the SQL databases…

This article was originally published on the Show Me The Data blog and has been re-formatted for Medium.

If you’ve ever tried to build an enterprise data warehouse using BigQuery, you’ll quickly realize that the auto-incrementing primary keys you were so fond of in operational databases are not a thing in BigQuery.

This is by design. It’s not the job of your data warehouse to ensure referential integrity…

Measurement & Metrics

There is a class of metrics where you simply want to know “How many of thing X are there in total?” but it is utterly impractical to actually count them because there are too many of them to count, or the space over which you’re measuring is too sparse.


Borna Almasi

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